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2015 July Archive | Fore Golf Divas 

Monthly Archives: July 2015

Golf, humidity and Donald Trump? What a week!

Happy Friday!

It's the last day in July and it's hot outside (and humid)! Living in Southern California, I (Sheryl) am used to hot summers but this past week has been filled with heat and humidity and I'm definitely not used to that! It reminds me of the many times I visited Pinehurst,...

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Golf News From Around The Globe!

[caption id="attachment_3551" align="alignleft" width="300"]Blaze Meadow Golf Course Black Butte, Oregon Blaze Meadow Golf Course
Black Butte, Oregon[/caption]

Happy Friday Golf Friends!  It's been another amazing week! I (Sheryl) had such a wonderful time in Bend, Oregon. What a beautiful place! While we were there, we took...

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It’s British Open Week!

Happy Friday Golf Family!

Another week has passed, we're at mid-July and the best part is.....it's British Open week! I'm heading out of town in this morning to Bend, Oregon for a long weekend but I made sure to set my DVR  and I'm bringing my iPad so I'll be able to...

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A little Soccer, Football and Golf.

Happy Friday our fellow golfers! Wow, it's been a week! After coming off the long weekend of 4th of July festivities, we're excited to catch up and share this past week's news with you. We both had  fun-filled weekends and a great 4th of July. I (Sheryl) did go to Arizona and had...

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