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2015 March Archive | Fore Golf Divas 

Monthly Archives: March 2015


golf_couse_lake_cloud_reflection-1920x1080Happy Friday! Well here we are at the end of another week! This one was a doozy.  Sadly, we had a family member pass away this week along with a very serious health scare for another close relative the very next day. It's at...

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Welcome Springtime!

Spring Blog ImageHappy Friday fellow golfers! Another week has passed and you know what that means? We’re one week closer to the Masters! I (Sheryl) know we still have a few weeks to go but it’s one of my favorite golf events so I...

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Luck o’ the Irish?

Four Leaf Clover by Cygnus921

Four Leaf Clover by Cygnus921

Happy Friday Lads and Lassies!

Hope you’ve had another wonderful week adjusting to Daylight Savings Time and enjoying the warm weather on the West Coast. I (Sheryl) took advantage by taking a long hike in the local mountains with my family.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day next Tuesday, instead of looking through my closet to find something green, I decided to learn a little about the origins of the holiday that makes people drink green beverages and pinch people they never would think of touching the other 364 days of the year. Did you know that St. Patrick was from England? Yep! Watch this video from History.com. Come on, it’s only one minute long.  If you have any funny photos, stories, historical facts or other things to share around St. Patrick’s Day, check out the Fore Golf Divas Facebook page and tell us about your experience with the Irish! And, if you play golf on the 17th and get a hole in one, you are indeed lucky!

Wild Turkeys at Los Lagos Golf Course San Jose, CA

Wild Turkeys at Los Lagos Golf Course
San Jose, CA

Santa Teresa Golf Course San Jose, CA

Santa Teresa Golf Course
San Jose, CA

Half Moon Bay Old Course Hole #18

Half Moon Bay Old Course Hole #18

The Bay Area did get have a small amount of rain this week, but not enough to help the drought.  Audrey was able to golf at Santa Teresa Golf Course on March 7, the scenic Half Moon Bay Old Course on March 10, and Los Lagos Golf Course on March 12.  Los Lagos had quite an array of wildlife including a red fox and several Wild Turkeys.

Until next week, hit them long and straight!

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Spring Forward!

daylightHappy Friday! Another week has flown by and I (Sheryl) hope it was filled with positivity and generosity for you! This weekend starts Daylight Savings Time for most of us and I cannot wait! I really love this time of year! That means one...

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