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2014 December Archive | Fore Golf Divas 

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"All it is is practice. I just need to work." Tiger Woods

Fore Golf Divas Display at the Christmas Boutique

Diva Shoe Bag Liners

Wow, Friday again already? At this time of year, doesn’t it feel like the days just fly by? Maybe the fact that I (Sheryl) haven’t done any Holiday shopping or addressed any Holiday cards, yet, is just making me feel like the days are moving faster.  But I’m not worried.  I plan to get all caught up this weekend and I honestly have an excuse. Last Saturday, Fore Golf Divas was invited to attend the Annual Christmas Tea & Boutique at the Valley Vineyard Church in Reseda, California. Thanks to Annette G. for inviting us to participate. It was another great opportunity to meet new people who enjoy the game of golf as much as we do. One of the more popular items of the day was the Diva Shoe Bag Liner. It’s a waterproof bag that’s great to carry wet golf shoes, swimsuits or towels. It’s custom made to fit in one of our Diva Shoe Bags and comes in four colors to match your personal style.

I (Sheryl) read an article by Larry Fine about Tiger Woods performance at the Hero World Challenge at Isleworth Golf and Country Club last week. Tiger tied for last place which is not what we’ve become accustomed to hearing when his name is on the leaderboard. One of the reasons for Tiger’s poor performance is that he’s got a new swing. Despite his poor showing, Tiger was incredibly optimistic.  He said that his health is finally restored and it has enabled him to play without the pain he had experienced in the past. I think we should take a moment to really chew on what Tiger is saying here.  I think it’s quite thought provoking.  How often do we push ourselves to the limit and ignore those aches and pains by popping a few ibuprofen?  If you’re in a lot of pain when you play golf, perhaps it’s time to see a doctor. The other important thing that Tiger said is that he has a new swing.  If your teacher is helping you develop a new swing (or tweaking your old swing), be patient with yourself and know that it takes time….even for the best Pros in the world.  In the article Tiger is quoted saying, “All it is is practice. I just need to work.”  Practice. We all know that’s what’s required to become a better golfer, but how many of us really put in the time and patience to nurture that new swing and really make it our own? I’m the first one to admit I’m guilty, however, I take heart in knowing that if Tiger Woods can be happy with his round, even with a high score and a few “chunked chips” then we should all definitely give ourselves a break.  Learning anything new is like taking a road trip. You can’t get from Point A to Point B without time, effort and a few stops along the way. I’m going to give myself a break and enjoy the ride.

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Until next week, hit them long and straight!

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It’s raining outside

[caption id="attachment_2657" align="alignleft" width="320"]image1 (1) Gingerbread Cupcakes[/caption]

My how quickly the weather can change. Just last Thursday I (Sheryl) wore a sleeveless shirt and sat out on my sister's patio to eat my turkey because it was 90 degrees. Now, I'm sitting here watching the raindrops...

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